Welcome to the very first issue of Cannabis Dispensary. Along with the 2015 launch of Cannabis Business Times (which serves cultivators), this launch has been the highlight of my career. My job gives me the privilege to serve the fastest-growing industry in the country (an industry for which I have a significant affection) with the only business publication dedicated exclusively to medical and recreational dispensaries in North America.

This magazine was developed through a mix of extensive research and industry discussions, editorial and design planning meetings, collaborations with writers, dozens of interviews, many very long days, stress dreams, sleepless nights, and copious amounts of coffee. But most of all, it was developed with pure passion for bringing you a publication that addresses your unique challenges, as well as opportunities to make your dispensaries more profitable. This magazine was also developed with the guidance and support of some of the most dedicated dispensary owners and managers in the industry who form our valued Editorial Advisory Board:

Photo by Joe Skodzinski

I am extremely grateful for their extensive contributions to this launch issue, and I am thrilled to have their insights and devotion to the betterment of this industry at our side as we embark on this new journey.

As we send this issue to press, it feels like Christmas Eve to me—I'm excited to see your reactions as you open up the magazine for the first time.

On that note, I also would love to have your feedback and insights as we go along. Our door is always open! After all, this is your magazine. It exists to bring you news and guidance on the topics you need most.

I look forward to meeting many more of you and sharing your stories and insights with others in this ever-evolving and often extremely challenging industry. But most importantly, I look forward to seeing your businesses thrive.

Noelle Skodzinski, Editor | nskodzinski@gie.net