Prices for medical and recreational cannabis in Nevada for February 2018 far outpaced the national average*, as Cannabis Dispensary reported in its March/April issue, using data provided by Leafbuyer, an online cannabis deals database. Reviewing data from April, it’s clear that not much, if any, price correction has taken place in the state, as its prices still tower over other markets.

However, this month, Cannabis Dispensary is focusing on the opposite end of the spectrum. Oregon and Washington’s product gluts, and the subsequent plummet of product prices, have been well-documented. However, despite both state’s heated races to the bottom in terms of pricing, neither state can claim the lowest product prices for April. That distinction goes to Colorado.

In April, Colorado had the lowest prices for medical and recreational products in nearly all four categories Cannabis Dispensary tracks (1/8 flower, 1 oz. flower, 1g shatter/wax, 1g live resin), according to Leafbuyer.

April also harbors the industry’s largest holiday, April 20 (4/20). This year, Leafbuyer says concentrates, not flower, were the hot item, keeping with industry trends. Of the top five-performing concentrate deals on the platform for 4/20, two were for ounces, two were for disposable vape pens and one was for shatter/wax. Additionally, Leafbuyer reported a 32-percent increase in sales compared to April 20, 2017, perhaps signaling that national acceptance continues to rise.

*Based on average price in AZ (medical only), CO, WA, OR, CA, NV and MI (medical only).

Data provided by Leafbuyer. One of the most comprehensive online sources for cannabis deals and specials, connects consumers with dispensaries. Leafbuyer Technologies works alongside businesses to showcase their unique products, build a network of loyal patrons, and as of June 2017, even find qualified employees. Leafbuyer produces cannabis content that reaches millions of consumers monthly and has been called “the Priceline of pot.” Traded on OTC Markets as LBUY, Leafbuyer Technologies serves cannabis businesses with customer acquisition, loyalty, SEO and hiring tools.

Scott Guthrie is senior editor of Cannabis Dispensary.