Every day it seems as if a new cannabis product hits shelves—whether it be a THC inhaler or cannabis-infused steak rub. However, despite the industry’s constant innovation, it appears the original product—raw flower—is still king in terms of what consumers are searching for. Data provided by Leafbuyer, an online “cannabis deals” database, shows that flower was the most searched-for product across all states in December 2017, making up 48 percent of total product searches on Leafbuyer’s platform.

Drilling down to a more granular level, Leafbuyer reports Blue Dream is the most sought-after strain in the nation (appearing in 16 percent of all searches), followed by GSC—formerly Girl Scout Cookies—(14 percent). After flower, the most searched-for products were concentrates, totaling 29 percent of all searches. And in terms of deal popularity, concentrates are more popular in Colorado (34 percent of listed deals) than any other state, followed by California (31 percent of listed deals).

Data provided by Leafbuyer. One of the most comprehensive online sources for cannabis deals and specials, Leafbuyer.com connects consumers with dispensaries. Leafbuyer Technologies (OTC: LBUY) works alongside businesses to showcase their unique products, build a network of loyal patrons, and as of June 2017, even find qualified employees. Leafbuyer’s cannabis content reaches millions of consumers monthly, and it serves as the official marijuana deals platform of thecannabist.co (owned by The Denver Post) and Voice Media Group (Westword, Phoenix New Times, and Toke of the Town).