Each issue we are committed to providing you industry insight, advice and trends from some of the most respected and knowledgeable individuals and journalists in cannabis today. We’re pleased to introduce you to our contributors.

Maria Denzin

is the owner of MJ HR Strategic Solutions, an HR consulting firm based in Palm Springs, Calif. Denzin specializes in talent strategy and development for the cannabis industry. Her firm helps cannabis business owners develop strategic HR plans to select, develop, reward and retain employees, while focusing on increasing value through strategic, organizational, human capital and management actions. She can be reached at mariabdenzin@gmail.com.

Debby Goldsberry

is executive director at Magnolia Wellness, an award-winning dispensary in Oakland, Calif., and the managing director of the Berkeley Community Care Center dispensary at Amoeba Music. She co-founded the Berkeley Patients Group (BPG) medical cannabis collective in 1999, directing its growth for over 11 years. Goldsberry has developed and implemented standard operating procedures for procurement, product safety, patient relations, and business management and operations, which have been replicated by dispensaries around the nation. In 2017, Goldsberry published her first book, Idiot’s Guide: Starting and Running a Marijuana Business.

Dean Guske, CPA

has more than 30 years of experience in taxation, accounting and business consulting. Guske’s firm, Guske & Company Inc., specializes in real estate and cannabis. Having earned a master’s degree in taxation from Golden Gate University, he strives to develop successful tax strategies for cannabis industry entrepreneurs. Guske, a licensed CPA in Washington, is part of the Washington Society of CPAs, where he serves on the taxation committee.

Jolene Hansen

is a freelance writer based in Wisconsin’s Driftless Area. A former horticulture professional, she is a frequent contributor to the Horticulture Group publications owned by Cannabis Dispensary’s parent company, GIE Media.

Anne-Marie Hardie

was born into the third-generation wholesale/retail greenhouse operation Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery. After working in the family business, she went from growing plants to writing about them. A Toronto-based freelance writer, her work has appeared in Cannabis Business Times, Ornamental Breeder, Greenhouse Management, GrowerTalks/GreenProfit, and Tea and Coffee Trade Journal, among others.

Jillian Kramer

is a New York City-based freelance journalist whose work has appeared in the online or print versions of Glamour, Food & Wine, SELF, The Wall Street Journal, and more. Her work covers everything from career and money to women’s issues, cannabis and beyond.

Lisa Jo Lupo

has more than 25 years of experience writing for and about the food industry with a key focus on food safety. She is editor of Quality Assurance & Food Safety (QA) magazine, a GIE Media publication, and can be reached at llupo@gie.net.

Andrea Sparr-Jaswa

is the co-director of education and outreach at Farma, a medical and recreational dispensary in Portland, Ore., where she is responsible for aggregating and analyzing customer-facing data. She advocates for accessibility and comprehensive understanding by using current research and resources to address questions and concerns that have been steeped in myth and stigma.