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Every minute in the U.S., 76 people quit their jobs. This is a great opportunity for the cannabis industry. Why?

People are shopping for new roles, and cannabis companies, with the right strategies in place, can attract talented team members from many industries and backgrounds—people who are looking for a place that values them and their work. People who are interested in a nascent industry that is evolving and growing.

Attracting talented workers will become even more critical as more job seekers enter the market. In 2018, the number of people who quit their jobs increased by 2.4 million (to 40.1 million total) compared with the previous year, according to a workforce turnover survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In a news release about the report, the Labor Department noted that the number of “quits” rose for the ninth consecutive year and now outnumber layoffs and other separations.

A low unemployment rate—3.8 percent at press time—has fueled this trend. It’s great for employees, as companies compete for the best people with higher pay and career advancement, but finding the right candidate can take months. Getting the word out about your great company culture and workplace environment can be difficult.

People are looking for a place that values them and their work.

This is where Cannabis Dispensary can help.

Cannabis Dispensary and sister publication Cannabis Business Times recently launched the “Best Cannabis Companies To Work For” studies for both cultivation and dispensary operations. The research project, which is free to enter, includes an employee satisfaction survey that covers areas such as corporate culture and communications, role satisfaction, work environment and training, and development and resources. The results will help us recognize great dispensary businesses in the industry like yours and share insights into company cultures that win the loyalty of top employees.

To enter, companies must have 15 or more full-time or part-time employees, operate a licensed cannabis cultivation and/or dispensary business in the U.S. or Canada, and register by Sept. 6. We will celebrate the best companies to work for by featuring them in future articles in both Cannabis Business Times and Cannabis Dispensary.

To learn more and enter your company, visit In the meantime, feel free to reach out with any questions. We look forward to sharing your stories and ideas for creating positive, productive and inspiring places to work.

Michelle Simakis, Editor |