The inaugural issue of Cannabis Dispensary (November '17) reported average prices for medical and recreational product categories in various states. The time period for that initial data set was Jan. 1, 2017, to Sept. 20, 2017. In this issue, to analyze industry pricing trends, we compare those 2017 average prices with the June 2018 average prices for the same product categories from the same states.

Comparisons reveal that prices out West are dropping across the board. Only two categories tracked by CD reported no price drop (1g medical wax/shatter, Oregon; 1g medical wax/shatter, California), and only one saw a price increase (1 oz. recreational flower, Washington). While these price dips may be easily explained—for example by Oregon’s and Washington’s product gluts, or by Nevada and California legalizing adult-use—the question remains: Will prices continue to drop across the board, and if so, at what point will they bottom out?

Editor’s note: June 2018 information was unavailable for Michigan. Nevada and California adult-use prices were not available for 2017.



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Scott Guthrie is the senior editor of Cannabis Dispensary.